Sunday, July 6, 2008

Cute kid OVERLOAD!

Sorry to be away so long, unlike my jet lag back home which had me unable to sleep late... I slept a lot the first 2 days I was back in A'dam - and then Lily joined me, and we've been doing a lot while she's been here. 

On Saturday after her arrival, Lily and I spent an hour with Renaldo, the trainer I've been working with at my gym, which is conveniently located a block from me. Later that evening we went to a Mediterranean dinner that Larissa and I were cohosting through Meetin. (Bazar Restaurant Amsterdam was  a tremendous feast!) More than 25 people showed up to my first hosted event, and it was a huge success, with many of the group continuing the enjoyable evening at a cocktail bar down the block.

Today... Lily, Michael, and I took the train out to Amstelveen to go back to the Cobra (modern art) museum. We were specifically headed to see the newest exhibit Just Different! which was interesting... although I found what was outside to be much more interesting. There was some sort of festival going on... people (no hands) sand volleyball, a flea market, and lots of kids activities with adorable children! Tonight's offering photo wise is a selection of the photos I shot this afternoon - Cute kid overload!
I guess there are these buttons, or "pieces of flare" if you will that you can pimp je (your) crocs! with. A bit odd to see that as the background for this image though...
I really wanted to join this little girl on the trampoline... it reminds me of one I used to get to go on when I visited my grandparents in Israel when I was 8 or so!
Love from back in AMS!!! Hope everyone back in the states had a wonderful July 4th!


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