Friday, May 30, 2008


After working with Arnold this morning, while wandering around with the lensbaby, a man started talking to me as I was shooting a photo. I liked his look - and asked if I could take a quick portrait of him... he agreed, and then we started talking.

Meet Jim - this image was taken with the same lens as the photo in the previous post. Jim is an author who has previously published a book titled; Carlyle and Jean Paul: Their Spiritual Optics. He is currently working on another book about Jung and Carlyle. After talking for a while, we started discussing our mutual love for portraiture - and he was soon showing me some of his favorites, including a photographer named Yousuf Karsh, aka Karsh of Ottawa, who took one of the most famous portraits of Churchill, in a slightly crabby mood. After I had a chance to share some of my photography and portraiture with Jim, he said perhaps one day I would be known as Talya of Davenport. :-)

Who knows what will happen in the future!  For now, I'm really enjoying meeting and getting to know new and interesting people! I hope to get to spend more time with Jim and look forward to our future conversations.

I'll work on getting up some of my other photos taken with the lensbaby... I've got a great weekend planned - including a trip to an island called Texel with my friend Larissa, where we hope to go horseback riding - and I will definitely have this lens along with me for the ride!

-Talya of Davenport

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