Tuesday, August 5, 2008


On Saturday, Aug. 2, the canal I live on - the Prinsengracht, became a sea of color and life for the 2008 Gay Pride Parade! Clothed in rainbows and pinks of all shades, people lined the edges of the streets and the bridges at least three rows deep. Plus boats of all sizes, stocked well with alcohol, and most with a maximum load of revelers in various stages of undress clogged the sides of the canal.Down the center of the canal came the floats, above is the Absolut Colors float, and the next image is of a float that had these two women popping out of a wall of white sheets, with pink hatted admirers surrounding them as they danced for joy.  
Pete (who I went to Alkmaar with) had the brilliant idea of hosting a party at his apartment, which is just a couple of blocks from me and looks out over the Leidsegracht. Pete's apartment is conveniently attached to a flat rooftop which can be accessed from the window in his spare bedroom! The next photo was shot with a 200 mm lens while sitting, mojito in hand, on Pete's roof, and it was one of the best parties I've ever attended - with roll your own sushi, fresh mojitos, and 50+ expats who rsvped on Meetin! I believe the I amsterdam float was accompanied by the blasting of "YMCA!"
The party went all day, and I was there for well over 12 hours, as I had helped with some minimal prepping, as well as cleaning up at the end. It was an incredibly colorful and fun day, with a lot of awesome friends, and makes me already start to miss Amsterdam!

To see more images of Alkmaar, the Gay Pride Parade, and more CLICK HERE!

I have to run... I'm finally going to see Dark Knight tonight, and I'd best be getting ready! Ciao for now!

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