Monday, August 18, 2008

Last street photography

On Sunday, August 10, I attended my last Amsterdam Street Photography event through Meetin. Luckily, Michael, who always runs the event, was willing to put it slightly early in the month so that I could still attend! I really enjoy this event, despite the fact that I feel awkward walking down the street with 20+ other people carrying cameras. I always look forward to seeing what everybody comes out with, and perhaps the strength in numbers allows me to be a little more brave in terms of what I shoot? Either way, I was happy that I got to participate once again! Thank you Michael :-).
As usual, one of my very favorite subjects is photographing children. I really enjoy the innocence of youth, and find that my camera and I tend to capture some fun photos of the kids I come across! 

For every street photography event we go some new place in the city. This time we explored the Eastern Docklands (KNSM-eiland and Java-eiland) which is at the North-East of Amsterdam. It was an extremely windy, but beautiful day, really quite perfect for photography with usually elusive blue skies. As usual when it's a nice day, there was no lack of happy kids running around and playing on a variety of jungle gym equipment, and in the streets. The two kids above seemed to be engaging in a little pirate play, and made for wonderful subjects as they shyly dodged in and out of buildings to the delight of all of us with cameras. 
In this day and age, I'm surprised we weren't overtaken by a bunch of angry parents as all of our lenses were pointed towards the children at play. Thankfully though everything was peaceful, and no one seemed to care that we were all shooting their young ones. Most of the children on the playground were able to totally ignore the mob of photographers... and just had a wonderful time!
For a bit of a change, I switched my 80-200 to my 10.5mm fisheye lens. It's a bit of a novelty lens, quite toyish, but I really enjoy pulling it out and distorting everything I see! There was some beautiful metal work on the gates of this complex, and I think it suited the fisheye quite well!

That's it for now... I still have a couple more posts to catch up on, I apologize for overwhelming you all at once... but I'm glad I finally have a chance to sit down and type these out.

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