Thursday, August 28, 2008

Culture Shock

So... it has been a while since I've updated... I've been pretty busy! Since leaving AMS on Friday Aug. 15 I've been through Houston, Davenport, and I'm now staying in Fort Lee, NJ with my grandmother overlooking the George Washington Bridge and Manhattan! 

My last few days in Amsterdam were wonderful. My beautiful friend Larissa held a farewell dinner Thursday night through Meetin. 9 people attended and we had some really delicious East African (Ethiopian) food. If you haven't had this kind of food before you should definitely check it out. The place we went was called Azmarino, and was located in De Pijp. Even though it was a school night a variety of my friends were able to make it to say goodbye! The next picture is the group of people who were there - this is the only photo so far on my blog not shot by me. 
Thank you to all of my friends who made it to my dinner, as well as all the wonderful people I met during my time in A'dam. Also a big thank you to my friend Olivier (second from left) without whom I would have never been able to move out of my apartment!

I left Amsterdam on Aug. 15th and headed for three days to visit my grandparents (father's side) in Houston, Texas. What a culture shock! I went from beautiful, old streets, very few cars, and a fairly slow moving pace to a land filled with 8 lane highways, gas stations, and hernia billboards (not sure you can see it clearly, but that's what the sign is advertising!)
It was also a shock in terms of weather. Going from a relatively cool August in Amsterdam to 90 plus degree (fahrenheit) heat, and 100 percent humidity was not a lot of fun. Luckily I didn't need to go outside too much, and I did have an enjoyable time in the air conditioned comfort of my grandparents' apartment. It was quite exciting to finally get to watch some of the Olympics, as I did not have a tv in Amsterdam. Despite the culture shock, being with my grandparents allowed me to relax and catch up on some sleep before heading back home to Iowa. More to come very soon, and I promise to try and stay timely with my future posts. 

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