Sunday, June 22, 2008

21st annual Quad-Cities Air Show

Yesterday, I spent the day at the 21st annual QC Air Show with my good friend Jenny, her mother, and her adorable son, Christian, 4. We enjoyed watching a variety of planes, everything from little stunt ones to F16 Fighting Falcons take to the air, as well as a demonstration by the Shockwave, which claims to be the world's fastest truck, with a jet engine attached to the back which shoots out fire. I think this will be my last air show for a long time... my ears, and my skin which was left in a nice lobster shade despite reapplying sunscreen more than twice throughout the day will probably deter me in the future... but I had a lot of fun shooting these photos, and was quite happy with the outcome. Please enjoy!
To see more images from the 2008 Air Show please click here!

On a side note... for those of you interested... I regret to report that unfortunately Holland's Euro 2008 cup hopes came to a sad end yesterday in a 3-1 loss to Russia in overtime. Oh well... I think I will be an Oranjemen fan for the rest of my life.. and have really enjoyed getting to see and know more about non-American football a.k.a. soccer!

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