Sunday, June 8, 2008


Every once in a while, in between pouring rain, the sun does shine here. I'm quickly learning that when the sun comes out, so too do the people. I'm really enjoying photographing everyone enjoying the sunshine. My first photo offering for the night was taken the other day as I was walking along one of the canals. This couple looked so peaceful, and the sun was hitting this woman's face just perfectly... so I snapped a few images before continuing on my way. 
My second image tonight was shot after visiting my second museum of the day, the Cobra Museum of Modern Art in Amstelveen with my friend Michael. Although I've been to Amstelveen before as Larissa lives there, I didn't have the pleasure of seeing this fountain. As I told you, today was quite beautiful, so there were plenty of extremely happy children running in and around this fountain - I shot what I could with the 35 - 70 mm lens I had on... but the images aren't as clear and cropped as I would like... so I hope to go back with a more appropriate 70-200 lens as the faces on some of those kids are priceless! For now... enjoy this image, and see more images from the last few days by clicking here.
Well... it's way late here... and tomorrow night (actually tonight now) I'm heading to Larissa's for Euro 2008 finals - Netherlands vs. Italy. It's a big game, and I'll be donning my orange to cheer on the Oranjemen! Hup Hup Holland!

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John M. Setzler, Jr. said...

WTF are you doing in the Netherlands? ;)