Friday, June 20, 2008


Went down to check out some of the flooding in Davenport today and was amazed by what I saw. The water is receding, so these photos are not from the height of the flood... also, as I mentioned in a previous post, the flooding was not as bad here as in many other parts of Iowa and other places along the Mississippi, but I think you can get a pretty good idea of how things look.
I'll be uploading more images of the Flood of 2008 tomorrow and will post a link... I need to sleep now... but wanted to share these quick shots from a very quick edit! More after I've had some sleep - it's been a very long day (see my previous post). Good night all! - T

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atoninLA said...

Obviously, God is trying to recreate the canals of Amsterdam along the Mississippi to make your transission home easier!

Uncle A