Sunday, June 1, 2008


I met Larissa at Surinameplein at 8:30 am on Saturday so we could get an early start on our day trip to the island of Texel, Netherlands. Click here for the link to the Wikipedia entry on Texel. First we had to drive an hour to the city of Den Helder. From there we took the ferry over to Texel - which lasted about 20 minutes. Once on Texel we rented bikes... Larissa had warned me that we would be doing this, she said that Texel was the largest of the islands, and she wanted to make sure that I could handle the biking. Unlike most people living in Amsterdam, I don't use a bike on a daily basis, due to a slightly irrational fear brought on by a particularly unpleasant episode from fourth grade that I have my largest scar (on my knee) from. Anyway, I feel much more comfortable biking in the country, away from the rules and complicated traffic patterns of Amsterdam :-). I told Larissa I'd be able to make it... although if I would have known we'd end up cycling almost 35 km (over 20 miles) I might have told her differently! Combine the cycling, with the horseback riding through the woods which we came to Texel to do (my horse's name was Manou - I have no clue what that means) - and my legs and butt were happy when we finally made it back to A'dam!

Left: the view from my bike - Right: the view from my horse
Quaint Texel scene with some of the many sheep on the island, and the church of Den Hoorn.

To see more Texel photos click here.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  Cheers!


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Carmen said...

Hi. I went to Texel recently and it's really nice. =)
I want to go there again and do the horse riding. Can you let me know where did you rent your horses? Do you have a contact?
Thank you so much.
lovely pictures.