Saturday, June 14, 2008

Iowa Flooding

Quite a few friends have asked me how my family and friends in Iowa are faring with the recent flooding. Thank you for your concern! I am writing this from Amsterdam, but have been reading the news online, and have talked to some people from home. As far as I know everyone is safe and fine. The worst I've heard is not being able to get home due to Cedar River flooding from a friend from the QC-Times. From what I can tell the worst flooding and evacuations are occurring in Cedar Rapids, which is about an hour and some change of a drive from my home. My parents live on a hill, so thankfully our house rarely incurs flood damage.

I don't have a photo for now so I thought I would link you to my former colleagues' images at the Quad-City Times and the Dispatch/Argus.

To everyone in Iowa, or anywhere else being effected by the Flood of 2008 - stay safe and dry!

Best wishes from Amsterdam,


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